Weight Loss

Weight Loss

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Losing weight in a way which is successful and which leads to greater health and healthy lifelong habits requires two things

  • Changing your emotional approach to food to remove cravings, unhealthy habits and emotional eating, and
  • Cutting through the confusing messages about nutrition and knowing which foods and ways of eating are best for you and for your personal health.

The Getting You There weight loss programme

The Getting You There approach to weight loss is a very different process from dieting: it is based on the combination of coaching, hypnotherapy and nutrition to support you in managing your weight naturally, in a way that doesn't involve will power or special foods or shakes. 

Its unique combination of the most effective tools and techniques from coaching, hypnotherapy and nutritional therapy, our approach to weight loss is designed to be incredibly effective at ensuring you achieve your weight goals and improve your overall well-being.

Our weight loss programme is made up of six sessions with six support emails.  As you learn how to manage your weight without dieting, you will:

  • learn why diets don't work
  • understand how reducing carbohydrates can reduce hunger and aid weight loss
  • identify the best nutritional approach for you
  • change your relationship with food and deal with any emotional eating
  • let go of the past and of unhelpful beliefs
  • discover how healthy foods can be quick and easy to prepare and fit into your lifestyle
  • change your habits and turn down (and off) cravings
  • improve your self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience to stress
  • increase your motivation and ability to be active.

The order and manner in which each of these steps is taken will be tailored towards your personal situation, and the exact nature of content will be guided by your personal needs.   As part of the programme, you will receive recordings of your hypnotherapy, six support emails and additional support materials as needed. Should you require more than 6 sessions of therapy, the programme can be followed by sessional hypnotherapy, as required.  The investment for this programme is £390.

Tired of dieting? Confused about conflicting weight loss information?
Over-eating because of emotional or behavioural issues?

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