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Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation

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So often stopping smoking can seem to be a battle which causes the very thing that drives you to smoke in the first place – stress! That’s why Ann's smoking cessation programme isn’t simply about stopping smoking -  it’s also about managing your stress. Through her years of working with clients, Ann has found that the key to changing any aspect of lifestyle is being able to handle stress healthily.

Smoking is recognised as one of the most potentially health-damaging habits you can have.  What's more, it's bad effects reach further than just the smoker.  Children and babies are particularly badly affected by the smoke and other end-products of others' smoking habits

The good news is that when you stop smoking, the health benefits can start to mount up straight away:

  • 8 hours: nicotine and carbon monoxide levels are halved. The amount of oxygen in your blood is now normal.
  • 24 hours: your body has eliminated all carbon monoxide.
  • 48 hours: nicotine has been removed from your body. Your taste buds start to recover.
  • 1 month: skin begins to improve in colour, looking healthier. Wrinkles begin to lessen as skin repairs. Cilia, which have an important function in
  • airways begin to regenerate. Withdrawal symptoms have stopped.
  • 3-9 months: coughing and wheezing decrease.
  • 5 years: the increased risk of heart disease is cut by half.
  • 10 years: the risk of lung cancer is halved.

The Getting You There smoking cessation programme

The smoking cessation programme consists of two sessions focussed on the removal of your smoking habit and the development of resilience to factors, such as stress, which have previously contributed to your habit.

As part of the smoking cessation programme, you will receive recordings of both hypnotherapy sessions and an information booklet. That means that you can continue to have resources from the programme should life throw something at you that does make you resort to smoking again. Should you require more than two sessions of therapy, the programme can be followed by sessional hypnotherapy, as required.  The investment for the two-part programme is £180.

So, now you’ve decided to stop smoking now, why not invest in a programme designed to tackle the habit at it’s roots?

Quitting smoking using just willpower creates a lot of stress. Use hypnotherapy to help make the process so much easier than before.

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