Pain management

Hypnotherapy for pain management

People suffer from pain in different ways, based on their own personal experiences and associations with the pain in the past. For example, a person who suffers chronic back pain after a fall playing their favourite sport is likely to report a different intensity of pain than the person who suffered a similar back injury after jumping from a second floor window to escape a fire that destroyed his home. This is because the emotional image associated with pain plays a big role in our perception of the experience of pain.

Whatever the cause, chronic pain is debilitating and affects all aspects of a sufferer's life - their mood, their sleep, their ability to concentrate.  In turn, these impact upon relationships at home and at work, and can even affect the person's ability to work at all.  Some pain persists even with, or between, medication. Hypnotherapy can help you learn how to manage chronic pain.

By learning self-hypnosis and using a variety of hypnosis techniques, it is possible to learn how to turn down the pain and discomfort and so let go of some of the impact that it has on your life.

The Getting You There pain management programme

Learning to use hypnosis to manage pain can take time, and a typical pain management programme for chronic pain takes at least 10 sessions.  However, the skills learned in that time are skills you can use for as long as you need to.

Through Ann's 10-session pain management programme you will understand more about your pain and learn how your experience, imagery and beliefs about it can enable a tailored hypnotherapy programme to be designed for you.  You will receive recordings to use at home as well as learning techniques to use wherever you are.  The fee for the 10-session programme is £680.  Alternatively, you can pay on a sessional basis (see Fees page).

Please note: It is vital that you have consulted with your doctor or specialist to determine the cause of your pain before starting to use hypnotherapy to control it.  This is because otherwise you might be masking pain from something which requires medical treatment.  Therefore, Ann does not offer the pain management programme to anyone suffering pain for which no medical consultation has yet been made. 

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