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Many couples find that conceiving a baby isn’t as easy as they expected. As the months go by, they can find the idea of becoming pregnant becomes all-consuming, sometime even becoming an obsession. As the time comes on, the feelings associated with the lack of conception begins to impact upon all aspects of the couple’s lives, and can begin to have a negative impact upon their relationship with each other, with their families and with their friends. A feeling that a clock is ticking becomes overwhelming and they become more and more aware that there is a window of opportunity which will one day close to them.

The mind has a very powerful influence over the body and it is known that stress can impact upon a person’s fertility. The impact of our thoughts and feelings on the delicate balance of hormones required for good fertility (male and female) is becoming more widely known and understood now, and there's a body of research demonstrating that hormone levels, ovulation and other reproductive factors seem to be affected by what is going on in the mind.

It has also been demonstrated that specialist hypnotherapy can significantly improve your chances of conception and maintaining a healthy pregnancy, whether you are using natural or IVF methods*.

Medical fertility treatments are not contraindicated with hypnotherapy, rather they can work together to maximise the chances of conception. After all, as both body and mind impact upon success, it makes little sense to work on one without the other.

As an aid to conception, hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress and increase feelings of calmness , control and relaxation. Hypnosis can also help to restore confidence in yourself and your body. Where there are difficulties in conceiving, hypnosis can also help resolve any stress management problems or subconscious blocks which might be getting in the way.

Being in a state of hypnosis can be useful as a means to resolve any issues around managing stress or unconscious blocks that may be affecting your ability to conceive and become a parent.

Ann is fully trained in using hypnosis to maximise fertility and, as a fully qualified and experienced hypnotherapist, she is also able to deal with the range of complex issues which sometimes accompany this work.

Fertility therapy is taken on a sessional basis.

*”Hypnosis 'doubles IVF success':” BBC news online

The mind has a very powerful over the body and it is
known that stress can impact upon a person's fertility.

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