Do you suffer with anxiety?

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Do you feel that your life is dominated by your anxiety or stress?  If so, then you've probably thought (and over-thought) of the ways in which you would like to change a million times, but find that you’re still not putting those changes into place. That’s because you're trying to solve your problem through a conscious process, but your problem  behaviour is coming from your sub-conscious. To bring about real change you need to start talking to the right part – and that’s just what hypnotherapy enables you to do.

Hypnotherapy can help you discover how to let go of your anxiety and become more resilient to stress in the future. Ann has extensive experience at using hypnotherapy and other techniques successfully with people suffering with anxiety and stress-related issues,  working with each client to provide the most effective approach for them.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety itself is a normal response, which we can all experience at different times. Often anxiety is a result of stress, but unlike stress alone which can disappear once its cause goes away, anxiety may continue even when the original cause has long gone. On occasions it can exist without the sufferer actually knowing what the cause is.

Once anxious, a person often imagines that things are much worse than they are in reality. An anxious person might also start to worry about many different things – including their health or the safety of loved ones. Often they will worry that they are going crazy in some way, or that there is a physical cause of their anxiety symptoms. For this reason, it’s worth understanding what anxiety is and why it causes the symptoms it does.  The video below explains why anxiety causes the variety of symptoms that it does.

The Getting You There anxiety management programme

The Getting You There Anxiety Management Programme consists of 5 sessions.  It includes hypnotherapy along with NLP, coaching, nutrition and other behavioural change techniques as appropriate.  The sessions are tailored to the individual and cover:

  • understanding anxiety and its symptoms 
  • techniques for calming and managing the symptoms of anxiety
  • letting go of any past events underlying your anxiety
  • techniques for building and maintaining calmness and confidence in stressful situations
  • developing resilience
  • moving towards a positive future, feeling calm, confident and in control.

As with all the Getting You There hypnotherapy programmes, you will receive recordings of the relevant hypnotherapy and additional material if relevant. Should your anxiety require more than 5 sessions of therapy, the programme can be followed by sessional hypnotherapy, as required. The five-session programme can be purchased for  £335, or can be paid for on a sessional basis (see Fees page)

Do you feel that your life is dominated by
your anxiety or stress?

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