Therapy Issues
Ann Finnemore

Therapy Issues

**Please note: Ann currently has no availability for new clients **

Ann is a highly qualified and experienced hypnotherapist specialising in anxiety-related problems. She will work with you to enable you to make the changes you want to in order to overcome the limitations that your anxiety is placing upon you.

Ann has a thorough understanding of the nature of anxiety and the wide-ranging impact that it can have on a person's life. She has the experience to know that each person is unique in the way they experience their anxiety and the problems it causes and so offers a very personal and tailored approach to ensure the best results for you.

As an experienced hypnotherapist and coach, Ann combines aspects of both methods to provide tailored solutions to a wide range of issues.

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Ann’s book can help you guide yourself to achieve the future you want

Life in the driving seat is a motivational and practical coaching guide to achieving the future you want. The book leads you from the first step of taking responsibility and ownership of your life ("getting into the driving seat"), through learning how to avoid being knocked off-course, all the way to successful arrival at the destination - the future you want. The journey taken is one of self-discovery as well as of successful achievement.

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Ann Finnemores Life in the Driving Seat

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"Thank you, my doctor was amazed with the change in me, I told him it was down to the hypnotherapy and he asked for your details, he was really impressed"

Mr CT, Leicestershire

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