Physical Therapy
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Physical Therapy: A Structural Bodywork approach

Many people suffer from pain and limited mobility due to problems originating in muscles and the associated connective tissue (the myofascia). Such problems may originate from past injuries, chronic misuse or acute injuries.  Often, the sufferer has tried a number of other therapies targeting their symptoms, only to find that any relief is temporary, with the pain and immobility returning after a short while. Treatment using a Structural Bodywork approach is different: it identifies and treats the actual cause of the problems. Identifying and treating restrictions in both muscles and myofascial tissue produces a more lasting, remedial solution.

Examples of the sort of issues that clients come to Steve with are:
  • Shoulder pain and immobility
  • Back strain
  • Post-injury muscle problems. For example after falls or vehicle collisions - even years later
  • Hip pain and stiffness
  • Stiff muscles that prevent you from doing activities you enjoy
  • Stiff and painful movement written off as age-related
  • Persistent headaches (diagnosed as stress or muscle-related by a doctor)
  • Painful muscle knots

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