Sport and Fitness

Sport and Fitness

For best performance and minimum injury risk it is vital to ensure that muscle and fascial restrictions are treated and that functional movement is optimised.  That's why the Structural Bodywork approach to sports therapy is ideal. This approach works both when treating a sports related injury and when working to maintain fitness during training periods and post-event.

Steve himself is a keen triathlete and has an in-depth understanding of the nature of the fitness needed for a variety of activities. His particular interest is in endurance events and he has worked to enable others to maintain high levels of fitness and functional movement for marathons, Ironman events and triathlons. He has also helped clients recover from problems impacting on their rugby, tennis and football.

Whether you are looking for help with a specific injury or are aiming to improve  and maintain your performance in your sports and fitness area, contact Steve to discuss how he could work with you on a programme of bodywork to enable you to achieve your goal.

Muscle care and functional movement are key to being the best you can be. Contact Steve now to discuss a programme of bodywork for you.

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