Mobility Issues

Mobility Issues

Stiffness and immobility can result from a number of things, such as being in one position for prolonged periods of time, following periods of immobility due to illness or injury, or as a result of incidents such as slips, falls or car accidents.  Often, people simply put their mobility problems down to the inevitable effects of their age.  Whatever the cause, immobility and stiffness can virtually always be improved by a combination of myofascial release and massage therapy. 

If your problems are long-term, you might also be interested in the Structural Bodywork: 3 series.  This is a cutting-edge treatment plan based on new knowledge of the fascial and myofascial ‘anatomy of connection’ throughout the body, known as Anatomy Trains.  Steve is a certified Anatomy Trains Structural Bodywork 3-series practitioner, and so can offer this effective programme to clients whose problems are long-standing or recurrent.

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The Structural Bodywork: 3 series

The Structural Bodywork: 3 series is a whole body analysis and treatment programme of three 90-minute sessions.  Its aim is to restore functional movement back to all areas of the body.

The 3 series session comprise:

Session 1: Pelvic Girdle and Legs:

  • Postural assessment and pre-session (“before”) photos (optional)
  • The feet and their alignments between feet to ankles and knees to thighs
  • Structures supporting the torso and abdominals
  • Neck work and seated bench work.

Session 2: Thorax and Arms

  • Postural and breathing assessment and feedback from initial treatment
  • The ribcage, breathing organs and the diaphragm
  • Abdominals, upper back, head, neck, shoulders and arms
  • Seated bench work.

Session 3: Head and Spine

  • Postural assessment and seated bench work
  • Spinal bends and rotations
  • Abdominal and deep core work
  • Tying up loose ends from previous sessions
  • “After” photos for personal comparison (optional).

Massage therapy can help treat our patients with mobility
restrictions and facilitate different means of movement.

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