Acute muscle problems

Most of us have experienced a pulled muscle at some point in our lives; most commonly, spasms in the back muscles which result from twisting awkwardly or lifting something heavy.  Such problems can cause sudden immobility and pain.  Usually it's just a single muscle which has gone into a spasm in protest of the load it was asked to bear.  Such spasms respond well to the correct form of physical therapy and can often be treated in a single session.

If you want therapy for an acute problem please be aware that injuries such as slipped discs and torn ligaments and tendons should not be treated by massage or myofascial therapy in the immediate time after they occur as they need to be allowed to repair before treatment.  If you are unsure, then contact Steve to discuss your situation and determine whether or not his treatment is appropriate for you.  

If you have a sudden back spasm or other pulled muscle problem, contact Steve to discuss how he could help get you moving and comfortable again.

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