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Seven steps to making success inevitable

How many dreams or hopes do you have, that you've had for years and yet don't seem to be any closer to achieving them than when you first wanted to?  Have you noticed that, no matter how much you want something, you somehow seem to get de-railed on the way to...
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Three ways you're increasing your stress levels before you even get dressed

I meet many people who say they start their day feeling anxious or stressed – even before they’ve got out of bed. Some say that by the time they start their day they already feel exhausted and can feel the pressures of life bearing down on them. Often, when we feel...
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Four skills we can learn from watching the circus

I saw an amazing show recently. It was the theatre circus show Cirque Berzerk. This is a show which involves amazing acts of acrobatics, tumbling, contortion, and seemingly life-threatening activities such as knife-throwing and the “Globe of Death” in which four motorcyclists ride around inside a mesh globe while a woman...
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Do you do the wasp dance?

Do you enjoy summer? That might seem a silly question to those who do – after all, what’s not to like? Sunny days, holidays, picnics and barbeques are all things which are portrayed as fun, happy times that everyone looks forward to. Some people though feel like there is a real...
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A sure-fire way to feel better today

Last blog I wrote about the link between our body posture and facial expressions and our mood and thoughts. I mentioned that there had been a simple experiment done which demonstrated this link. This week, I’ll describe that experiment – and say a little more about the benefits of smiling. The...
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Are you overdue for a service?

A review of people’s spending habits in the UK reveals a lot about priorities, as does simply asking people what they think is their most valuable asset. Both indicate that people value their houses and their cars enough to invest in their maintenance and repair. Cars are regularly serviced and MOT’d...
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Walk tall

Have you ever noticed how your mood is reflected in your body posture? Or that, the body postures associated with particular moods are much the same for everyone? Because of this we are often able to recognise a person’s mood before they even speak. We can tell that if someone is...
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Slip slidin' away

I was watching a live stage performance on Saturday when an actor rushed onto the stage as part of the performance. Though his speed was deliberate, the slippery stage wasn't. The previous scene had included some drinking, and some liquid had accidentally splashed onto the stage. As he reached mid-stage the...
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Guest — Ann
Thanks for this. It makes sense of a problem I've had since slipping on some ice couple of years back. I'll definitely seek help... Read More
Wednesday, 19 October 2016 14:57
Ann Finnemore
Apologies for Steve and I not seeing your comment earlier - the old website notification system wasn't working. the new site seem... Read More
Wednesday, 31 January 2018 13:05
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Lifestyle coaching saves lives

I’ve noticed that if lifestyle coaching is ever mentioned in the media, it’s usually portrayed as some fancy and unnecessary fashion for people who have too much time and money on their hands. However, there is a serious side to lifestyle coaching which is invariably missed by the media. That is,...
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Guest — Ann-Marie
Thank - this was a helpful perspective for me.
Thursday, 14 January 2016 15:35
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Spring is here, beware gardener's back!

Spring is here, and we’re now into British Summer Time. Hopefully we’re in for lots of sunshine. The weather over the weekend was perfect, and I bet many of you will have taken the chance to do some gardening. Did you feel sore afterwards? Well that’s not unusual. Whenever we do...
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Our muscles reflect our lives

Have you ever thought about how wonderful your muscles are? You really should give them a second thought! They move us around and enable us to do all of the everyday things that make up our lives. If I were to write down here everything that muscles do for us it...
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Quick change artist

I often think of myself as a quick-change artist! I don’t mean that I’m one of those people who change costumes or characters frequently, but that I work with people to enable them to change their lives quite quickly. Most of us have experienced, or will experience, a time when we...
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