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Stress - the lessons from upholstery

I’ve always been interested in the different ways in which scientific knowledge is discovered and then explored.  In particular, I love stories about accidental discoveries – those great insights which sometimes spring from the observation of everyday events by someone with a slightly different perspective or by someone who asks a...
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How training from zero to half marathon (13.1 miles; 21 kilometres) has taught me about running and injury prevention

On 12th May I completed my first half marathon, finishing in 2 hours 11 minutes. Very respectable for a first time run!   I began training in January, following a training plan that built up my runs (and my muscles) gradually over 16 weeks up to the race. I came a...
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There is more to see than meets the eye...

Over the weekend our new website went live at, and the process that Ann and I went through has inspired me to write this blog... " Has that always been there ?" I was reminded recently that humans have a great capacity for noticing new things, yet we readily lose sight...
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Are we really just arguing about socks?

If I ever ask a group of people about the "right" way to store socks , I generally find two camps: those who make a little ball out of each pair, and those who just t uck the tops of pairs together .  Many members of both groups will state categorically...
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