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And out of chaos comes....

Our house is a bit chaotic at the moment – Steve and I are reorganising how we use our space, making room for new and revived interests and hobbies, clearing away things we no longer need or use and reorganising our office set-up.  It’ll be great when it’s all done, but...
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Turning setbacks into success

Whatever your plans to reach your goals in life, there will be times when you go off course. The more challenging or long-term the goals, the more likely this is to happen.  The way you regard these times has a huge impact upon how successful you will be eventually.  Your mental...
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Is this the real fear that is holding you back?

It’s common to see articles about how a fear of failure can hold people back from becoming as successful as they want to be. It seems to be a common theme in many articles, accompanied with advice on how to improve confidence or how to find more opportunities. Such articles often...
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How to discover why you sabotage your own dreams

Many clients come to me when they find that, despite really wanting a particular outcome , they keep sabotaging their attempts. In fact, self-sabotage seems more common than sabotage by others – and is more frustrating to people as it seems so illogical . One method I us e to find...
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