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Your fitness training could be leaving you unbalanced

Do you have a favourite fitness activity? If so, be careful to ensure that you don’t focus too much on only the muscles that you need for that one form of exercise. A common problem I see results from people focussing on only one aspect of their fitness – either working...
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You're probably missing this part of your training plan

January is the month when many people decide on a new physical challenge for the year. In the past, this was usually a 10K run, half marathon or marathon. Nowadays it seems that more people want something more extreme – a Tough Mudder, Wolf Run or something similar. It’s interesting to...
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How training from zero to half marathon (13.1 miles; 21 kilometres) has taught me about running and injury prevention

On 12th May I completed my first half marathon, finishing in 2 hours 11 minutes. Very respectable for a first time run!  I began training in January, following a training plan that built up my runs (and my muscles) gradually over 16 weeks up to the race. I came a long...
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