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Simple ways you can definitely fit more exercise into your day

How often do you think “I’d do more exercise, if only I had time?”. I hear this a lot from people – friends, family, clients. Even myself at times in the past. I think it stems from a belief that exercise means a significant block of time (usually 30 minutes or...
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Your fitness training could be leaving you unbalanced

Do you have a favourite fitness activity? If so, be careful to ensure that you don’t focus too much on only the muscles that you need for that one form of exercise. A common problem I see results from people focussing on only one aspect of their fitness – either working...
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The cause of your pain might be elsewhere

Most clients who come along for treatment of muscle pain or discomfort assume that the therapy they need for their muscle problems will be carried out just on the exact area of their problem . That is, those with shoulder problems expect me to work just on their shoulders , those...
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This sign of ageing could be something simpler

Do you tend to blamed age for regular aches and pains in your muscles and around your joints?  A lot of people seem willing to accept that they’ll find it hard to open jars, or to get up from sitting without using their hands to support you as they get older....
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