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This simple technique could help preserve your friendships

A while ago I wrote a blog entitled "Are we really just arguing about socks?" about how many of the things that people disagree about are simply matters of opinion, different habits and personal taste.  From an objective perspective, such differences are usually trivial and yet they can create relationship-threatening disagreements...
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Reaching agreement could be easier than you think

I’m fascinated by the different ways in which people use language. For me, understanding how and why a person is using the words they are is key to really understanding the meaning of what is being said. In fact, many conflicts are based on misunderstanding of another person’s vocabulary. One of...
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Three ways to resolve conflict

Are there people in your life – at work or at home – with whom you always seem to clash? Perhaps it feels that you are frequently misunderstood by an individual (or you frequently misunderstand them). In this situation we often get frustrated, assuming the other person is “difficult” and knowing...
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