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Stress is a mind and body experience

Some people are surprised when they hear of the overlap between my massage therapy work and Ann’s stress management work and yet each of us meets clients who can benefit from the other’s approach. The reason for this overlap is the body’s response to stress. The stress response prepares your body...
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Your parents were right about this

When I was a boy, I was often reminded by my mum to stand up straight and to not drag my feet when I walked. It seemed like nagging at the time, but I’m genuinely grateful for the way that it led me to develop the habits of standing and walking...
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Could you be missing this common cause of backache?

I’ve often written about the problems which can result from over-using muscles , including strains, pulls and stiffness . However, sometimes a client’s problems can be caused by under-use and weakness of muscles. So often in these cases, as with many muscle problems, it isn’t always obvious where the problem is...
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Therapy Haiku: The Pulled Back

A new Getting You There  Therapy Haiku  every week.  
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Oh that - I've had that problem for ages...

I was reminded recently that humans have a great capacity for noticing new things , yet we readily lose sight of things that haven't altered for a long time. It's part of our survival mechanism. Very similar things happen with many of my clients too. They book in with known problem...
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