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This sign of ageing could be something simpler

Do you tend to blamed age for regular aches and pains in your muscles and around your joints?  A lot of people seem willing to accept that they’ll find it hard to open jars, or to get up from sitting without using their hands to support you as they get older....
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Turning back the clock

Ageing is a subject that has fascinated people throughout history – and the search for an elixir of youth continues in laboratories throughout the world. But what if the real secret to how we age is something we already have within us? What if the way we view ageing – and...
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Genuinely plastic

As I've mentioned in previous blogs, a common feature of many of the people coming to see me for hypnotherapy and coaching is the limiting belief that change is either impossible or very difficult.  It is particularly common in those with a negative view of ageing, when inability to change is...
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