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I blog about the latest research, items appearing in the news, related books I've read and about how the various tools and techniques I use in therapy and coaching work. I also like to pass on any tips that could help you succeed in making any of those changes you've been thinking of (along with the occasional healthy recipe). I hope at least some of what I write makes you think -- that's always a good way to kick off a change of some sort!

Two steps to begin your success

Two steps to begin your success

Do you ever wonder why you haven’t achieved a particular ambition or dream that you’ve had for a long time?  You’re certainly not alone if you have. Many people have long wanted to do something – whether connected with their career, their lifestyle or their health – and yet each year they realise that they’re no closer than when they first decided that it was what they wanted.  After a while they give up on it as a realistic aim or simply have it as an habitual wish, not taking it seriously any more.

To overcome this situation, and to get back to actually achieving your goal, the first step is to resist the temptation to blame only outside influences for your lack of progress.  This doesn’t mean denying any challenges you have had, it simply means recognising that you do have the power to influence your own future. 

The second step is to become aware of what you are telling yourself about your goal.  Do you think that you don’t deserve it, or that only people in different circumstances can achieve it?  Those sort of beliefs are self-fulfilling and are often at the root of failure to reach a particular goal.  They are very rarely, if ever, true and yet are powerful beliefs when it comes to blocking progress.  When I’m working with people to achieve their goals and dreams, the process of uncovering such limiting beliefs and assumptions is an exciting and transformational part of the process.  It is one of the most productive things that you can do, to let go of such self-imposed obstacles to your success.

These two steps –  accepting control of your priorities and decisions and allowing yourself to believe that your goals are really possible for you to achieve – can be the start of you achieving success in all aspects of your life.  Just imagine, those things you’ve always wished you could achieve becoming those things that you do achieve.  Now isn’t that worth taking two steps for?

I work with clients face-to-face and via Skype, so wherever you are, why not find out more about how I could help you to achieve the happiness success that you deserve?   I am also available to talk to groups who want to learn more about stress management, improving lifestyle habits and confidence building.   Contact me today for more information.

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Wednesday, 21 April 2021

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