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I blog about the latest research, items appearing in the news, related books I've read and about how the various tools and techniques I use in therapy and coaching work. I also like to pass on any tips that could help you succeed in making any of those changes you've been thinking of (along with the occasional healthy recipe). I hope at least some of what I write makes you think -- that's always a good way to kick off a change of some sort!

The route to success

The route to success

Most of us have dreams about what we want to achieve in life.  Some of us even get to making outline plans and writing down our goals.  However, only a few people really get to achieve the things they want to in life.  Have you ever wondered why that is?  

Perhaps you're disappointed that the things you want to achieve seem as far away now as ever.  It could be that it's the way you're setting out your goals that's getting in the way of you achieving them. Fact is, many people set their goals in ways that are unhelpful to the mind -- in ways that do nothing to enable the development of behaviours and habits that will inevitably lead to success.  

By changing the way you set your goals, you could change your success rate amazingly.  In fact, you could make success almost ineveitable.  Coupled with working with a coach to keep you motivated and focused, this method of setting goals can see you making your dreams come true.

To find out how to set your goals in a way that dramatically increases your chance of success, listen to my short guide at  

To find out more and to get you to succeed at acheiveing you dreams, contact me about coaching and discover how we could work together towards the future you've dreamt of!

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Tuesday, 27 October 2020

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