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Silencing the inner critic

Silencing the inner critic

Hypnotherapy and NLP can bring about lasting changes to the way we think, feel and behave.

Many clients who come to see me for hypnotherapy and NLP are often surprised when they're asked to listen to their inner dialogue – mostly at how horribly critical it is of themselves!  It repeats limiting beliefs and harsh criticisms over and over again.  Clients are sometimes even more surprised to learn that they can control and change this dialogue -- and make life-changes differences to the way they think, feel and behave.

People are often surprised when I refer to the self-critical voice that most of us have inside. Of course, they are aware of it when it’s mentioned, but often have just accepted it -- along with the negative messages it gives. It’s amazing how often our internal critic tells us that we’re not good enough – saying such things as “You’re fat”, “You’re incompetent”, “ You’ll only fail”, “People like you don’t get good jobs” and other such corrosive things.

Maybe what’s even more amazing is how much we notice we take of it! The messages it gives you might seem to have been there forever, but are likely to have come from your parents and/or other adults who were around when you were growing up and some might be things you told yourself when you were just a child without any awareness of your real potential. Wherever your negative beliefs and messages come from, the good news is that you can learn to control them and stop them from controlling you.

A good first step towards having a happier and more successful life is to become aware of these negative messages. Surprisingly, noticing them more doesn’t give them more power – on the contrary, once you notice what your inner critic is saying you can start to ignore them, or contradict them.

This awareness gives you the power to change the way you think and to start doing the things you would like to do. Coupling this awareness with the hypnotherapy to boost self-esteem is a very effective way of over-coming the destructive effect of this internal critic -- the combination of conscious awareness and subconscious change being too forceful for virtually all internal critics!

A brief description of how you can begin to get rid of these negative thoughts can heard in one of my short AudioBoos at not have a listen and start to apply the simple method described today?

If you are plagued by such a negative voices I recommend the highly readable and amusingly illustrated books by Rick Carson: Taming Your Gremlin and A Master Class in Gremlin Taming. In these books Rick likens these negative voices and messages to gremlins and describes the most common ones (one or two were very familiar to me!). He then goes on to describe a number of ways to tackle your gremlins and remove their power over you. The techniques he describes combine well with hypnotherapy and I believe the two together can be used to free people from the restricted lives that their gremlins have forced them to live.


I blame the driver...
Review of Choice and Illusions by Eldon Taylor

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Cool post!

Cool post!
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