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Seven steps to making success inevitable

Seven steps to making success inevitable

How many dreams or hopes do you have, that you've had for years and yet don't seem to be any closer to achieving them than when you first wanted to?  Have you noticed that, no matter how much you want something, you somehow seem to get de-railed on the way to success?  Perhaps you're missing out one of the 7 important steps that can make success inevitable.  

Firstly, think of your route to success as a journey...

When you have to go somewhere new for something important, how do you approach getting there? I suspect you do something like:

  1. find out where exactly the place is,
  2. think about the best way of making the journey - car, train, walking, etc,
  3. find out how long the journey will take (and add on a bit for delays and detours),
  4. get anything you need to take ready in advance,
  5. make sure you have enough resources – petrol, cash, food and drink, etc.,
  6. know who to call if you get delayed and/or need help on the way,
  7. you might even get familiar with alternative routes in case you are diverted.

By doing those 7 steps, you will be fairly certain that you’ll arrive in the right place, prepared and at the expected time. Yet when we plan to “go” somewhere different in our life – a new career, a new lifestyle, a healthier future, we often forget all about these basic steps which make certain we get to where we want to go.

For example, we might not really get to know what the destination will be like, we chop and change our chosen method to get there, we expect the journey to happen overnight while allowing it to take forever and we expect to make the journey with no/little investment of our resources. Often, we don’t even tell anyone what we’re aiming to do because we’re worried it will fail or be seen as silly, so we have no-one to support us. And, finally, we give up the first time our path is blocked or our progress is slowed.

I come across so many people who have been intending to get to a particular place in their lives for years and yet seem no closer to that destination. Luckily, I can help them learn to plan their journey effectively so that they do get there – and with enough energy, motivation and focus to enjoy their new situation.

So, if you’re always trying to get somewhere else with your life, think about how you are planning your journey – and get someone to support you along the way.  If you'd like to work with me as your coach along your journey to success, contact me and find out how I could help.

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