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I blog about the latest research, items appearing in the news, related books I've read and about how the various tools and techniques I use in therapy and coaching work. I also like to pass on any tips that could help you succeed in making any of those changes you've been thinking of (along with the occasional healthy recipe). I hope at least some of what I write makes you think -- that's always a good way to kick off a change of some sort!

Quick change artist

Quick change artist

I often think of myself as a quick-change artist! I don’t mean that I’m one of those people who change costumes or characters frequently, but that I work with people to enable them to change their lives quite quickly.

Most of us have experienced, or will experience, a time when we look at where we are in life and realise it’s not where we thought we would be. It could be that the childhood dream you followed no longer appeals to who you are now, or maybe you feel you just went off-course somewhere.

It’s often not a whole-life thing, but just in one area of your life. Whatever it is, it’s a feeling that somehow you were hoping to end up with one thing and instead find yourself with something quite different.

Fortunately, it is possible to change. The first step is to begin to explore just what change would mean. Sometimes, that alone can make you realise what you need to do next or even to realise that you do actually have what you want, but just don’t take time to appreciate it. Either way, accepting that choices exist and that change is possible will help you to begin to take your life in the direction you want it to go.

Next, consider how much and why you really want the change to happen. What’s your motivation? What would stop you? Identifying these things can help you understand what your change will involve. You are then able to start setting goals, identifying the resources and support you need and planning the steps you need to take.

Doing this all alone is possible, but your chance of success is much higher if you’re working with someone with an objective perspective who can help you to both let go of the mental blocks holding you back and to plan your best route to success.

So, whichever route to change you decide upon, why not think today about where you’d like your life to be in the future and start off your process of getting there?  Contact me if you'd like to really make a change that's real and permanent.

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Thursday, 26 April 2018

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