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A simple way to improve your luck

A simple way to improve your luck

Have you noticed how some people seem to have good opportunities open to them wherever they go? Do you wonder why the same chances don’t come your way and think that those people are just lucky? How would you feel if you learnt that luck has little to do with it? That it was a result of a different perspective on life – one that you could develop too?

The thing is, we tend only to see what we are looking for and what we think is relevant to us. If you were to go out today with the task of noting how many red objects you came across, you’d no doubt end up with quite a list. However, if at the end of the day you were asked instead how many blue things you had seen, you probably wouldn’t remember many at all. Of course, there would have been many blue objects you’d passed in the course of the day, but as you weren’t looking for them you just wouldn’t have noticed. You’d have been too busy looking for the red ones.

The same is true of opportunities. If you’re not open to the fact that they exist, if you’re not actually looking for them, they will pass by unnoticed. This is especially so if you are actually looking for the threats or negative things in situations instead. Those people who are “lucky” are those people who see the opportunities in all situations. They look for the good that can come from life, rather than focusing on the bad, and that’s what they find.

If you still doubt that we look for and notice things so selectively, think back to the last time you had a new car. Maybe before you had that car you hadn’t really noticed that make and model around much. Then, once you are driving it, you see them everywhere. It’s as if there has suddenly been a mass production of them in your area. Of course, there are no more than before, but your mind is noticing them now because they are now relevant to you in way which they weren’t beforehand. That’s the same process.

So, if you want to improve your “luck”, set yourself the task of spotting all the good things around you. You might be surprised at how many more opportunities come your way!

You can learn to see the opportunities around you instead of the negative things in life using NLP, coaching and hypnotherapy.  Contact me to find out more about how we could work together for you to discover and to become more aware of all of the opportunities in your life.

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