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One way you might be sabotaging your success

One way you might be sabotaging your success

Have you come across the story of a person asking directions only to get the reply “Well, you wouldn’t start from here!”. It’s not a particularly useful response is it? You need to know the directions from where you actually are, not from elsewhere.

Although this is obvious when we’re talking about physical journeys, it’s amazing how few people can see that the same is true of their emotional and psychological journeys too – to their goals and ambitions. Very often, people don’t accept where they are in their lives with respect to one goal or another and so start thinking about how they’ll get there from another starting point.

For example, a person with excess weight might suffer from low self confidence. Their goal is to lose weight and feel better about themselves. However, as a result of their low self esteem they put off buying new clothes until they’ve lost weight and have improved their confidence. This means that they actually want to start from their end point! Not surprisingly, they will find themselves stuck where they are instead of moving forward. In fact, I’ve come across people in this position who constantly buy clothes that will only fit once they’ve lost weight, rather than clothes that fit now, and so never seem to have anything to wear despite having a full wardrobe.

If instead, this person simply accepted their current weight and started to buy clothes which fit nicely and so look good, they would be far more likely to find that their confidence improves, which would enable them to get back in control of their weight.

Just like any journey, we will achieve our goals only by starting from where we are now. We do this by accepting the current situation, without judgement or regret. This is true for all our goals, whatever they are and whatever our current situation is.

So, think about your goals – are you stuck in your journey to achieving them? Do check that you’re planning your actions to achieve them from where you are today. Not where you hope to be sometime. That way you can get to where you want to be in life!

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