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Lifestyle coaching saves lives

Lifestyle coaching saves lives

I’ve noticed that if lifestyle coaching is ever mentioned in the media, it’s usually portrayed as some fancy and unnecessary fashion for people who have too much time and money on their hands. However, there is a serious side to lifestyle coaching which is invariably missed by the media. That is, that it can be used to enable people who have been seriously ill to make the changes they need to, in order to recover and to reduce their risk of another, maybe more serious, episode of their illness.

A recent UK study found that 1 year after having suffered a stroke, 22% of patients still smoked, 36% were obese, and 4% drank excessively. A similar study in the U.S. found that only 4% of patients who had a heart attack or stroke actually made the lifestyle changes necessary to get them healthy again and reduce their risk of another such event. These studies looked at people who had already suffered a major illness. I imagine if they had looked at people who had simply been told that they were at risk unless they changed something, but who hadn’t yet experienced a problem, then the figures would be even worse.

That’s where lifestyle coaching can help. Lifestyle coaching can help those who know that lifestyle change is vital to their future, but who struggle to make the changes they need to. Lifestyle coaching is about enabling and motivating people to make the changes they want, or need, to their diet and lifestyle in a way that suits them and is do-able. A way of turning what should be done into real and sustainable action that is actually done.

So, next time you read a magazine article about a celebrity receiving lifestyle coaching so that they can do things more stylishly, please remember that it’s really there for those who simply want to be as healthy as they can bewhatever has happened to them before.

If you want (or have) to make changes to your lifestyle and diet in order to regain your health, contact me to discuss how together we can enable you to make those changes easily and permanently.

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Guest - Ann-Marie on Thursday, 14 January 2016 15:35

Thank - this was a helpful perspective for me.

Thank - this was a helpful perspective for me.
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