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I blog about the latest research, items appearing in the news, related books I've read and about how the various tools and techniques I use in therapy and coaching work. I also like to pass on any tips that could help you succeed in making any of those changes you've been thinking of (along with the occasional healthy recipe). I hope at least some of what I write makes you think -- that's always a good way to kick off a change of some sort!

Life lessons from a terrier

Life lessons from a terrier

Steve and I were on holiday recently, with our two Parson terriers, Eddie and Juno. Eddie is very keen on being in water – rivers, the sea, ponds, even the deep puddles on Burbage Common. He is always keen to get in and to have a paddle or a swim.

After a short while though he starts digging at the water, trying to make a hole as he would when he digs soil. Not surprisingly, he gets more and more frustrated as the water simply keeps filling the “hole”. He becomes almost obsessive and quite stressed and so we have to take him out and show him that there are better things to do – trees and grass to sniff, walking to be done. Within seconds he’s happy and relaxed again.

It struck me how similar many people are when it comes to the things that cause them stress. Often, tackling the source of stress is very much like trying to dig a hole in water – it’s a really thankless task. What’s more, the more stressed a person is, the more likely they are to carry on doing the task in the same way - which was what stressed them in the first place. It often takes someone else to get the person to stop for a moment so that they can look around and remember the good things in their life. Then, they can begin to feel relaxed and think of new and better ways to deal with that task that was causing them such stress.

One of my roles when working with clients is to get them to stop trying to “dig holes in water” and to get out of the task and look around for better things to do or new ways to achieve what they need to. For Eddie all it takes is being shown what else is around him – what would it take for you to stop trying to dig holes in water?


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Therapy Haiku: Saboteur
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Wednesday, 21 April 2021

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