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Is this the real fear that is holding you back?

Is this the real fear that is holding you back?

It’s common to see articles about how a fear of failure can hold people back from becoming as successful as they want to be. It seems to be a common theme in many articles, accompanied with advice on how to improve confidence or how to find more opportunities.

Such articles often pay little attention to another fear responsible for holding many people back from succeeding: fear of success. Some people are surprised to learn that fear of success even exists. At first thought, it seems ridiculous that someone might fear becoming successful – after all, isn’t that the whole point? The truth is that success carries its risks, just as failure does. For example, you might want to be more successful in your career; perhaps to become a senior manager or a respected specialist.

However, if you are currently nervous about speaking up at meetings or presenting to audiences, part of you will fear the results of that success. That fear is then likely to impact upon your commitment to make the most of every opportunity to progress. Another common example occurs with weight loss. I’ve worked with clients with a significant amount of weight to lose who, each time they start to see real results, sabotage themselves and regain weight. Often, when exploring their thoughts and beliefs, the person will express fears about life at a healthy body weight.

A common fear is around loss of identity, for example if they’ve always been “the big guy” or the person always up for slap-up meal out. Another is the fear of unwanted attention if previously they’ve felt protected from attention by their weight (another limiting belief of course).

Recognising that fear of success exists, and that it is playing a role in your inability to achieve an ambition, is an amazingly helpful thing to do. Then you can tackle the real fears at the root – the lack of confidence, the worry about identity, etc.

I work with clients face-to-face and via Skype, so wherever you are, why not find out more about how I could help you to achieve the happiness success that you deserve?   I am also available to talk to groups who want to learn more about stress management, improving lifestyle habits and confidence building.   Contact me today for more information.

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Wednesday, 21 April 2021

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