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Improving relationships with MindSonar

Even in the best of relationships couples have their disagreements.  Often, seemingly trivial matters seem to end up in a row with each person wondering how they could be so misunderstood. Sadly, if this happens too often, then these small matters can end up creating a cycle of bickering which then begins to erode the relationship and take the joy from it.

A MindSonar couple's session can really help end this cycle.  In such a session, each person gains an understanding of how differences in their and their partner's thinking styles are at the root of the problem. From this they can then learn how to appreciate the way in which these differences can complement each other instead of clashing.  

Watch the short animation above to find out more, and contact me (Ann) if you'd like to discuss how this could help you and your partner...
Improving team performance with MindSonar

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Thursday, 24 May 2018

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