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Health -- feeling great, or just not feeling ill?

Health -- feeling great, or just not feeling ill?

I’d like to share an observation I made recently and then ask you a question.

I was looking for photographs to use on my website and blogs. I searched for the word “health” and what came up surprised me; most of the images were of stethoscopes, people in lab coats, medicines and pills. Are these really the images that people think of when they think of health? For me they represent illness, they are the things we turn to when we know something is wrong with us and we need an external solution to “fix” us.

This association of the concept of health as being something which belongs to the medical world is quite common. Often we are given the impression that health requires medical intervention at every stage and that health is simply the absence of actual disease.

For me, health is a very different thing. Health is about having the energy and vitality to do all the things we want to. It’s about having healthy hair and skin and about waking up knowing that we’ll cope with everything and anything that the day will bring. To put it simply, it’s about feeling fabulous!

That’s not to be critical of medicine and its role in helping people with illness to begin to regain health, it’s simply that I think we are short-changing ourselves if we look at health as just not being ill. That view can mean that we settle for feeling less than fabulous. It means we accept the low energy that might result from unmanaged stress or poor nutrition or the discomfort from stiff or strained muscles. How much better to aim for a state of health in which we feel as well as we possibly can? What’s more, this view of health as something different from simply the absence of illness, can be applied even when we do have a medical problem.

So, my question to you is about how you view health: do you consider a person healthy simply because they have no actual illness, or do you think that health is more than that and is something which perhaps we can, through our own behaviours and beliefs, improve whether or not any medical conditions exist?

The answer to this can have a big impact on whether we take charge of our own health, and how high we aim for how well we feel.

To discover how you can achieve your maximum health level, contact me and find out more about how I can help you make the changes that would make you feel great.

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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

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