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I have a deep interest in the mechanics of the body and movement and love keeping up to date with natural methods of getting the body back to working effectively and comfortably. I'm a keen runner and gym-goer too and am always looking for natural ways to improve my own performance. I'll be blogging about these interests and passing on tips to help you to stay mobile, fit and healthy. I hope you find what I pass on helpful and interesting.

Four ways Christmas can cause muscle problems - and how to avoid them

Four ways Christmas can cause muscle problems - and how to avoid them


Christmas is a time for fun and enjoyment for many people, yet it’s not uncommon for Christmas-related activity to end up with sore or stiff muscles. Therefore, here are four tips for ensuring that you stay fit and mobile over the festive season - ready to start the new year fully mobile and energetic:

1. When your Christmas shopping has resulted in a number of shopping bags, do balance the weight between bags as much as possible so they are fairly evenly matched on either side of you. If you’re also carrying a shoulder bag, take care to put it fully across the body rather than tying to carry the weight on one side only as this causes the shoulder to shrug upwards.

2. If your idea of a great Christmas is to be on the sofa watching tv, films or playing video games remember to get up and stretch every 20-30 minutes. Modern sofas are often too deep and too soft to provide the best position for most people and sitting for long periods can cause back and hip problems.

3. If you’re lucky enough to get new sports equipment for Christmas, whether for indoor or outdoor exercise, then do make sure that you know how to use it properly and plan a gradual build up of use. Over-enthusiastic cycling, running or frisbee throwing can mean you end up out of action for weeks while you recover.

4. Off to a Christmas do? Be aware that your John Travolta, Tina Turner or Robbie Williams impersonation might demand more from your back than you remember it doing originally. At least warm up with some gentler moves before your main act, otherwise you might have greater need for painkillers than you have for champagne at the end of the evening.

Whatever you’re doing at Christmas, have great fun and keep moving. Aim to get through Christmas mobile, flexible and ready for a great start to 2016!

If you do find muscles aching or mobility becoming restricted, then get some remedial massage therapy to get you back to fitness.  If you live in the Midlands then contact me to discuss how I can help.  I'll soon have you fit and ready to take on new challenges in 2016

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