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Four skills we can learn from watching the circus

Four skills we can learn from watching the circus

I saw an amazing show recently. It was the theatre circus show Cirque Berzerk. This is a show which involves amazing acts of acrobatics, tumbling, contortion, and seemingly life-threatening activities such as knife-throwing and the “Globe of Death” in which four motorcyclists ride around inside a mesh globe while a woman stands inside! Even the clown was an incredibly skilled equilibrist – performing some truly amazing balancing acts whilst also juggling and doing other tricks. The whole show was incredible and very entertaining.

It struck me that, behind the entertainment, was a highly professional group of people with a set of skills quite apart from the actual circus acts themselves. Skills which we could all benefit from developing. Skills which include:

Confidence – without this they would be completely unable to do their job, their act, properly. Each act requires total confidence to perform both safely and in a way that is literally awesome to watch. Doubt causes people to hesitate and to stumble, and there was definitely no room for that in these acts.

Trust – each act required each member of the team to have the utmost trust in both the other performers and in the equipment used. In addition to that, each act required each individual to have trust in their own abilities.

Commitment – even the most incredible and dangerous acts looked as if they were performed with complete ease. This can only be achieved by having thousands of hours of practice behind each one. Commitment to excellence has led these performers to be as good as they are.

Co-operation – each person in each act needs to work in harmony with all other members of the act. Whatever kind of a day they’ve had, whatever disagreements exist, all has to be forgotten when performing as, quite literally in some cases, lives depend upon working co-operatively.

Watching this truly amazing show really brought out to me the importance of these qualities and attitudes. They are the core elements to success in any aspect of life. Fortunately, they are also skills that you can learn and develop in order to achieve that success for ourselves - even if the nearest to a circus skill we ever come to is juggling our time and commitments and balancing our home finances!

Both hypnotherapy and coaching can help people to develop their confidence, trust, commitment and ability to work with others and so lead to greater personal and professional success.  If they are skills you'd like to develop, then contact me to find out how we might work together to enable you to juggle your life effortlessly!

You can find out more about Cirque Berzerk from their website at:



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