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I have a deep interest in the mechanics of the body and movement and love keeping up to date with natural methods of getting the body back to working effectively and comfortably. I'm a keen runner and gym-goer too and am always looking for natural ways to improve my own performance. I'll be blogging about these interests and passing on tips to help you to stay mobile, fit and healthy. I hope you find what I pass on helpful and interesting.

Every body has a story to tell

Every body has a story to tell

As the nights get longer and you stay indoors more and more, it can be useful to start thinking about the future and what you'd like to make of yourself over the coming months, in oreparation for the new year.  Often, this involves looking back to - to learn from past experiences.  I'd like to encourage you to do the same about your body.  What do you want in terms of bodily health and well-being?  What do your past physical experiences teach you -- are you even aware of much of what your body has been through over the years?

Every one of our clients has a story. They come to us for help moving forward with their lives, and it’s the story of their past that has, of course, led them to where they are now. You won’t be surprised at that. What we do is help you to be able to write the ending that you want for your (life)story.

But have you ever thought just how much history is in your physical body, particularly your muscles? If the right magnifying glass were used to look into our muscles, we’d see a novel! And as your remedial massage therapist I have one of these magnifying glasses, and I am your muscles’ greatest fan. I read all of the detail in these muscle novels, and use what I read to help me give you the most effective treatment that I can. I share these stories with you, so that you can understand why your muscles are behaving so badly, and enable you to change what you do so that they stop being a problem in the future.

My experience over the years as an avid reader of muscles has shown me that these stories are a blend of writing, some from the muscles, some from the mind.

Sometimes - often near the beginning of the story - the writing has faded, or bits of the story are missing, and so I need to ask you to fill in the blanks, or flesh out the story (pun intended). Our bodies are sometimes very poor novelists - they leave out the most important bits of the story. Sometimes the story might be incomplete, so I have to fill in the blanks on my own.

This idea of muscle stories is good for another reason: the novel is a work in progress; the ending has yet to be written. If you carry on with your life without sorting out the problems in your muscles then the story will continue - or even get worse - without a happy ending.

So, if you want to ensure that you’re happy with the rest of your story, why not work with someone who can read your muscles and help you to write your own ending?

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Tuesday, 27 October 2020

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