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I have a deep interest in the mechanics of the body and movement and love keeping up to date with natural methods of getting the body back to working effectively and comfortably. I'm a keen runner and gym-goer too and am always looking for natural ways to improve my own performance. I'll be blogging about these interests and passing on tips to help you to stay mobile, fit and healthy. I hope you find what I pass on helpful and interesting.

Don't let aches and pains become normal

Don't let aches and pains become normal

Regular muscle aches and pains should not be a way of life for you
Are you in constant pain from a pulled muscle? Do your shoulders ache all the time? Is your lower back stiff and sore? Do you have trouble doing everyday things because of tight muscles?

The good news is that remedial massage therapy can really help get rid of pain and improve mobility! Better still, massage can really help the body and mind relax too, leaving you feeling so much better overall.

So, how can massage help you?
Targeted massage helps remove knots, release pain and free up stiff and immobile muscles and joints. When performed as part of a fuller massage - say of the back, shoulders and neck - your whole body and mind become more relaxed. Massage improves the circulation of blood and tissue fluids, helping to promote healing and a return to normal in the affected muscle groups. Massage renews the connection between the brain, nerves and muscle fibres, which is a very important part of keeping muscles working properly for overall health and mobility.

Pain in a muscle is a sign that something isn't quite right. What do you find yourself doing when you get pain in a muscle? You start rubbing it! It's a natural response for us all. We instinctively know that rubbing a muscle can help it feel better.

But of course, much of the time this rubbing is not enough. That's where I come in.

What sort of massage will help you?
I have trained in a wide variety of massage techniques (including soft tissue release, deep tissue massage, myofascial release therapy, and trigger point therapy) and I use a blend of these techniques that is tailored to suit your individual needs. No two massage sessions will be the same, because each is specific to your needs at the time.

Every massage session with me begins with a discussion about how you're feeling, what help you're looking for, and (for second and subsequent sessions) what changes have happened since we last met. This makes sure that you feel confident that you'll get the help you need, and helps me to tailor the session to your needs on the day.

The route to success
Aesop -- as true today as ever

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