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Do you do the wasp dance?

Do you do the wasp dance?

Do you enjoy summer? That might seem a silly question to those who do – after all, what’s not to like? Sunny days, holidays, picnics and barbeques are all things which are portrayed as fun, happy times that everyone looks forward to.

Some people though feel like there is a real cloud over their summer days. Such people can be seen in gardens, parks and in town doing a strange summer ritual that I call “the wasp dance”. You know the sort of thing: suddenly someone who was previously acting in a calm and normal manner starts leaping around, hands flapping and making a strange shrieking sound. Everything else is forgotten – any drink being held is spilled, food slips off the plate and so on. Yes, these are the unfortunate owners of a wasp phobia!

Few of us like the pesky creatures, but these folks are actually phobic about them. That is, their fear of them is such that it takes precedent over everything else. It can actually be a real danger to the person themselves and to others because the reaction is so strong that, should a wasp enter the car whilst they are driving, the phobic will take their attention off the road. Similarly, hot drinks can be flung in the phobic’s attempts to avoid the wasp, and tables can be knocked over.

For people who don’t have a phobia, seeing another person react in this way can seem amusing, but it really isn’t. To a person with a phobia – of any sort – the sense of fear is real and overwhelming. The vast majority of phobics will know that their fear is irrational, or at least highly exaggerated, and will have tried to talk and think themselves out of it many times. Very few will be successful with these attempts. The trouble is that the phobia isn’t coming from the logical part of the mind and so doesn’t respond to logic. Luckily, phobias do generally respond to hypnotherapy and those who discover this can look forward to letting their phobia disappear.

Contrary to popular belief, wasps do have some useful functions: like bees, they are important pollinators.  They also feed their larvae on other insects and can keep pests down.  As such, they are important members of our environment. They are just a bit pesky when they detect our food are are attracted to it.


If you have a phobia that spoils your enjoyment of summer, contact me to discover how hypnotherapy can be an effective way of letting go of it.

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