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Christmas stress

Christmas stress

Are you looking forward to Christmas? It’s often said that Christmas, and the preparations for it, are extremely stressful for many people. Firstly, there are the possible financial concerns for anyone with a number of presents to buy and more mouths than usual to feed. Add to this the cost of attending Christmas dinners and “dos” and stress can start to mount even before the holiday itself starts.

Then there’s the emotional stress of whether and how to see all the family over what is, in reality, a very short period. The whole family being under one roof for the holiday can also become stressful at times, with tensions mounting as people can’t get any private down-time to recharge themselves.

These stressors are often experienced even by those who love Christmas. Luckily, you can prepare to manage these stressors well, and so make Christmas a truly magical time. However, if not acknowledged and managed, the stress can get to a level which affects your health and happiness.

So, to enjoy your Christmas, however hectic, take a little time to plan both your finances and also the holiday itself. Plan the time so as to gives you, and others, a chance to relax in a way that really works (accepting that this will be different for different people). That way, everyone has a little space for themselves and so will be able to enjoy the company of others so much more.

Also, be aware of the signs of stress and act as soon as you notice any -- by taking a few steps to manage stress early, the negative impact of stress can, on the whole, be avoided -- leaving you to enjoy the thrill of it all and the pleasure of being with family and friends. Stress can produce both physical and psychological symptoms.

Watch a short video about the reasons anxiety can cause the symptoms it does and notice which one you recognise.

So, plan for your Christmas to be a happy and healthy one, leaving you ready to enter the New Year full of energy and optimism!  To help manage any stress, why not download the free relaxation MP3 on our hypnotherapy pages?

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