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I blog about the latest research, items appearing in the news, related books I've read and about how the various tools and techniques I use in therapy and coaching work. I also like to pass on any tips that could help you succeed in making any of those changes you've been thinking of (along with the occasional healthy recipe). I hope at least some of what I write makes you think -- that's always a good way to kick off a change of some sort!

Changing habits

Changing habits

I came across a fascinating book about habits:  why we have them, how to change them, and how companies monitor our habits to help their product development and marketing.

The book: The Power of Habit: Why We Do What we Do, and How to Change by Charles Duhigg is must read for anyone with an interest in habits -- either stopping unhelpful ones or starting new positive ones.

Much of the work I do with clients is about this very process.  Clients either want to stop something that they are doing (including unhelpful thinking patterns, which are themselves a habit) or they want to be able to commit to a new, positive habit such as going to the gym, drinking more water or eating more healthily.

The real key to the process of change is to recognise the rewards you get from the habit.  This is true of all habits, good or bad.  With a bad habit, recognising the rewards you get from it enables you to be able to find other ways of getting the same reward through a more constructive  behaviour.  With developing a good habit, the recognition of any rewards you’ll get from it makes developing the habit much more appealing.

Sometimes it’s hard to spot the rewards, especially from long-standing habits.  Hypnotherapy and coaching can help you to recognise rewards and to re-inforce the rewards of the new behaviour. 

Using techniques from both hypnotherapy and coaching, the changes you want to make can be made more easily than by conscious effort alone, meaning that you really can make the changes that you want in your life and you can develop better habits which will improve your lifestyle and well being.

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Tuesday, 27 October 2020

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