Improving relationships with MindSonar

Even in the best of relationships couples have their disagreements.  Often, seemingly trivial matters seem to end up in a row with each person wondering how they could be so misunderstood. Sadly, if this happens too often, then these small matters can end up creating a cycle of bickering which then begins to erode the...
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Improving team performance with MindSonar

When I worked for a large organisation, I was responsible for delivering complex projects involving multi-disciplinary teams. As wit most such projects, there were sometimes problems arising from misunderstandings arising from the different perspectives taken by different teams.For example, it wasn't unusual for the statistics team and the policy teams to reach an...
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MindSonar® - a tool for transformational coaching!

During the time that I was working in a large organisation, I took a number of personality and working style profiles to inform re-organisations and recruitment.  I also studied a number of such tests during my management training. Each time, I struggled to accept any one of them as conclusive, because I know that I think...
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