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What is Coaching?

**Please note: Ann is no longer taking clients **

Through working with a coach, you can identify and develop the skills you need to reach your goals and supercharge your life. An experienced coach can enable you to discover your own strengths and abilities to achieve your personal and career goals. Through working with Ann as your coach, you will be able to progress quickly and to see achievements and successes in just a short time. You will discover a sense of accomplishment as you start to see results and then go on to experience feelings of success, excitement and fulfilment as you reach your goals.

Read more about Ann's coaching services, including The Coaching Conversation, Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Confidence Coaching, MindSonar® and Low Carb Coaching.

Start by booking a free 30 minutes call with Ann to discover what coaching could do for you!

As your coach, Ann will:

  • Enable you to identify your values, goals and what success really means to you.
  • Help you identify unhelpful thinking patterns and behaviours which are getting in the way of your success and happiness.
  • Work with you to develop new habits and more helpful ways of thinking.
  • Focus you on achieving your goals and the results you want to see.
  • Respect your values, beliefs and ambitions so that you can achieve success in your own way and on your own terms.
  • Challenge you positively whenever you become unfocused.
  • Support and encourage you as you achieve more and more success.
  • Offer mentoring in areas such as planning, career change and leadership and management.

Start by booking a free 30 minutes call with Ann to discover
what coaching could do for you!

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Ann’s book can help you guide yourself to achieve the future you want

Life in the driving seat is a motivational and practical coaching guide to achieving the future you want. The book leads you from the first step of taking responsibility and ownership of your life ("getting into the driving seat"), through learning how to avoid being knocked off-course, all the way to successful arrival at the destination - the future you want. The journey taken is one of self-discovery as well as of successful achievement.

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Ann Finnemores Life in the Driving Seat

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"Thank you, my doctor was amazed with the change in me, I told him it was down to the hypnotherapy and he asked for your details, he was really impressed"

Mr CT, Leicestershire


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