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At last, a psychological testing tool which actually looks at a person’s thinking styles in context. That is, it enables an understanding of the thinking patterns that are being employed in a certain situation, and so helps to identify any that are, in that situation, helpful or unhelpful. This tool is MindSonar® and it’s very exciting!  

MindSonar looks at two aspects of a person’s thinking: what is important for them in the identified context and their thinking patterns (Meta Programmes) in that context.

The MindSonar method sees all Meta Programmes as equal – none are better or worse than any other per se, it is simply the context which makes the difference. A person's MindSonar profile helps identify any Meta Programmes which are unhelpful in that context, allowing them to learn to change them if they wish.

Here’s an example: one of the Meta Programmes is about whether we are spotting mainly what is right (Matching) or mainly what is wrong (Mismatching). In the context of work, a safety inspector needs to be Mismatching in order to see what problems might arise if not addressed. However, when that person gets home to find that their partner has redecorated a room, a Mismatching pattern pointing out only the flaws is probably not so helpful! Hopefully, in that situation the person naturally switches to the Matching thinking style. Watch the short animations below to find out more about MindSonar and how it can be used.

MindSonar® for improving team performance and recruitment

Understanding thinking in this way is incredibly powerful for teams too. It can unearth what is behind conflicts, underperformance and it can be used to improve recruitment success. For example, by identifying the thinking styles of the highest performers, you can then coach others to develop those within the context of the job.

Ann is proud to be one of the first few coaches in the UK to be a Certified MindSonar Professional. She believes that this is a tool that, in combined with the skills of the coaches certified to use it, will soon become as highly valued here as it is in other parts of the world.  You can read about why she's excited about MindSonar in her blog here.  Ann also blogs for the MindSonar Global website, about the uses of MindSonar in both coaching and therapy.  You can read these blogs here.

Typical uses of MindSonar include:

  • Team performance - improvement and optimisation
  • Individual career development
  • Personal development - uncovering your "Life Mission"
  • Conflict resolution
  • Role development - developing the best thinking patterns for a role
  • Recruitment
An individual MindSonar assessment and coaching involves a 30-minute preparation call prior to the online assessment, followed by a 60 minutes interpretation and coaching session.  the fee for this is £250.

For team coaching and other MindSonar products, please call Ann to discuss.

Ann is a Certified MindSonar Practitioner and so is allowed to use the official MindSonar seal. - you can click on the seal to confirm its validity.


"I thoroughly enjoyed taking part & gained a lot of useful insight into my mind programming in my chosen context. I was impressed by the accuracy of the report & it has given me a great awareness into how I act/think in certain situations....   ...I can really see how I can modify my behaviour to my greatest good"
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