Low Carb Coaching
Low Carb Coaching

Low Carb Coaching

More and more people are discovering the benefits of a low carbohydrate (low carb) diet for improved health, fitness and weight management. The evidence for the improvements that such a diet can bring is mounting and many people are achieving dramatic improvement. However, many others give up in the early days due to using the wrong approach based on misconceptions and poor advice.

Ann decided to design her low carb coaching programme after discovering the benefits that she and Steve achieved on such a diet. Having previously trained and practiced as a scientist, she dug into the research to learn more.  She became increasing convinced that it was indeed the best dietary approach for many looking to gain control over their weight and health.

Going low carb need not be complex, but for most it is a radical change from their current eating habits.  This low carb coaching programme is designed to help you to make a long-term and effective change to low carb eating.

The low carb coaching programme will:

1. Give you an understanding of:
  • what is meant by low carb: which carbohydrates should be in the diet and which should be avoided
  • how low is low, and what's best for you
  • the benefits and myths about low carb and ketogenic diets, including what "carb flu" is and know how to avoid it
  • how being a "carb burner" contributes to fat gain and frequent hunger
  • how being a "fat burner" controls appetite and enables a natural reduction in calorie intake without hunger
  • low carb and exercise.

2: Teach you:
  • how to shop on low carb diet to suit your tastes and budget
  • how to measure your progress on a low carb diet
  • how to ensure nutritional balance on a low carb diet
  • not to fear fat
  • what to order when eating out.

The low-carb coaching programme involves three 30 minutes sessions and costs £150. This includes all supporting materials provided and can be done via Skype/FaceTime as well as face to face.

Change the way your health and fitness by changing
the way you eat.

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