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What is Life Coaching

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The phrase “life coaching” conjures up different things to different people. Many think it is something only used by people with too much time and money, a frivolous activity with no real benefit. However, the fact is that life coaching can pay massive dividends – to your earning capacity, to your mental and physical well-being and to your overall health.

Life coaching works for you in the same way that sports coaching works for athletes, and business coaching works for top business people. A life coach will work with you to :

  • set milestones and goals
  • develop your vision of success
  • increase and maintain your motivation
  • ditch the limiting beliefs and thought patterns affecting your success
  • develop positive and effective ways of thinking
  • handle pressure and stress healthily
  • review and assess your performance
  • stay focused on your goal
  • improve time management and planning skills.

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Isn't it time to set about really achieving those dreams? A life
coach will bring out the best in you!

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Life in the driving seat is a motivational and practical coaching guide to achieving the future you want. The book leads you from the first step of taking responsibility and ownership of your life ("getting into the driving seat"), through learning how to avoid being knocked off-course, all the way to successful arrival at the destination - the future you want. The journey taken is one of self-discovery as well as of successful achievement.

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