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Fit Thinking

A new service for women
Have you noticed how we think differently when walking? Our thoughts tend to be more creative and our problem-solving abilities enhanced. What’s more, people also often find it easier to talk about their challenges, doubts and difficulties when walking side by side with someone than when sitting face to face. Finally, walking in nature also provides innumerable health benefits and counteracts many of the problems caused by prolonged sitting and indoor life.

That's why Ann's started a walking coaching service for women who want to take advantage of those benefits and who are ready to change their lives. Walking coaching is ideal for those women who have already achieved some success in life, and are now ready to take themselves to the next level of success. Whether your ambitions are to improve your lifestyle or your career, the process of walking coaching wil get you moving into the future that you want.

Fit Thinking is available on a ad hoc basis to women clients as part of their regular coaching programme. If you would like sessions of your coaching to be done as a Fit Thinking session, simply pre-arrange at the time of booking your appointments

Fit Thinking

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