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Does lack of confidence get in the way of achieving your personal and business/career goals?

Do you dread (or even avoid) networking and social meetings?

Do you turn down opportunities for public speaking?

How many times have you turned down an opportunity to socialise or to represent your business because of lack of confidence?  Lack of confidence can be a real obstacle to success, getting in the way of effective socialising and networking and reducing how often you're able to take advantage of opportunities to succeed. By investing in confidence coaching , you can become more confident and feel more comfortable when meeting people and speaking in public. The confidence you will gain will not only be evident during the times that you stand up to speak in front of others, it will also manifest in improved decision-making and planning.   The reason for this is that confidence coaching will improve your overall self-esteem and enable you to lose any negative beliefs you have about yourself, your abilities - your potential.

Your coaching experience will include:

  • open social and networking skills - how to join in, move around the room and make conversation - even when you don't know anyone there
  • presentation skills - making the most of opportunities to speak in public or present at work
  • sharpening your formal networking and socialising skills.

Why Ann is an ideal confidence coach
Ann has broad and long experience of public speaking. Following her degree, Ann trained as a science teacher and later went into medical research. This required her to present her findings to audiences at in-house groups and at international conferences. In fact, at her first conference (of the European Society of Organ Transplantation in Barcelona) instead of the small audience she'd expected, she found herself presenting her work to a lecture theatre packed to overflowing with delegates. They were actually waiting to hear the following speaker who was presenting major research findings and so came early for seats, resulting in Ann speaking to an audience of over a hundred people.

Since leaving research, Ann has delivered talks on policy and strategy to public sector managers and college senior management teams. She has also chaired and presented at senior management meetings involving chief executives, senior civil servants and college principals. Through teaching roles, she has also lectured to students of all ages.

Ann understands, and has experienced, the transformational process of going from a nervous speaker to a confident presenter and, as an accredited coach, has the skills to teach others how to go through the process quickly and effectively. She attends a number of business networking meetings in her local area and is happy to introduce clients new to networking to these groups if required.

Confidence coaching can be done as part of your life coaching, or can be undertaken as a bespoke programme to fit with a pre-determined timescale – ideal for preparing for a specific event.  Please contact Ann to discuss which approach would suit you best.

Learn how to present yourself confidently and feel at ease
when socialising and networking.

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