Recommended books and resources

Clients often ask us to recommend books and other resources to support their coaching, hypnotherapy or remedial bodywork and so here are a few of our favourites.  Of course, everyone has their own needs and preferences, so not everything below will suit everyone.  

Each item below links through to the item on Amazon so you can read about it more and decide whether it's one for you.  Enjoy!


Dealing with anxiety




And, of course, don't forget about our own iPhone app: "Hypnosis for Happiness: Let Go of Anxiety".  Available from the itunes store.

Hypnosis for Happiness app  

If you don't have an iPhone or iPad, you can also purchase each of the tracks in the app on CD.  Find out more on our "Buy hypnotherapy CDs" page 


Books to help children 



Hypnotherapy books



Coaching books






Bodywork resources




resistance loops    Small resistance loops 






resistance bands Resistance bands for muscle strengthening






Body Back Company's Body Back Buddy Trigger Point Self-Massage Tool