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I love the way lives are transformed when people make changes to the unhelpful and negative behaviours and beliefs that have been getting in their way.  

As a coach, hypnotherapist and nutritional therapist I love the way these three areas can come together to enable people to make the transformational changes they want.  I have seen how people achieve incredible things in their personal and professional lives by taking a real mind-body approach to their physical and mental well-being, fulfilling their full potential physically and in terms of their achievements.

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I am always impressed by the difference made to a person's life by getting rid of physical limitations and discomfort caused by muscular problems, often ones that have existed for years.  The power of effective massage and myofascial work to restore movement and relieve discomfort drives me  to keep on top of the latest research and techniques.  In 2016 I'm studying a new area of advanced myofascial work called Anatomy Trains, which will enable even more transformational results.  I'll add more info to the website and blogs as I go.