Life coaching in Hinckley, Leicestershire

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.How much time, money and energy have you spent in your life:

  • Wishing things were different?
  • Dreaming about a future which is no closer than it was years ago?
  • Attempting and failing to achieve that goal you set yourself so long ago?

Time passes quickly and years can pass with you no further ahead, or certainly not much further than when you started.

Isn’t it time to set about really achieving those dreams?

What is life coaching?

The phrase “life coaching” conjures up different things to different people. Many think it is something only used by people with too much time and money, a frivolous activity with no real benefit. However, the fact is that life coaching can pay massive dividends – to your earning capacity, to your mental well-being and to your overall health.

Life coaching can work for you in the way that sports coaching works for sportsmen and women and business coaching works for top business people. A life coach will work with you to :

  • woman-celebrating-successset milestones and goals
  • develop your vision of success
  • increase and maintain your motivation
  • ditch the limiting beliefs and thought patterns affecting your success
  • develop positive and effective ways of thinking
  • handle pressure and stress healthily
  • review and assess your performance
  • stay focused on your goal.

Just in the way a sports coach is able to bring out the best in the sportsmen and women they work with, a life coach will bring out the best in you.


Coaching wherever you are! 

Though Ann is based near Hinckley in Leicestershire, UK and provides coaching face to face there. she can also provide coaching over the telephone or through Skype.  Coaching by Skype