Career Coaching in Hinckley, Leicestershire


Are you struggling to make your mark in your chosen career?  Are you unhappy in your current role, but don't know what you would rather do, or how to change career?

Career coaching can make the difference between feeling unhappy and unfulfilled in work and truly reaching your potential in a rewarding career. 

Through career coaching you will explore the reasons for your current feelings about your job and your self, and discover how to transform the way you approach your working life.  By understanding more about your drivers, values and beliefs, you will be able to become clearer about your purpose and what you really need a job to give you for you to be your very best.

So, whether you are looking to progress in your current career, or are looking to change career completely, career coaching could be the best investment you make in yourself.


Benefits of career coaching

If you engage Ann as your coach, she will work with to:

  • understand more about what you want from a career
  • explore the different options open to you - and discover more options than you're currently aware of
  • identify and take the actions best for your career
  • create an action plan for taking your career in the direction you choose.

Work is too big a part of life to allow it to be an unfulfilling and unhappy experience. You deserve to reach your full potential.  Invest in career coaching.  Invest in yourself!


Coaching wherever you are! 

Though Ann is based near Hinckley in Leicestershire, UK and provides coaching face to face there. she can also provide coaching over the telephone or through Skype.  Coaching by Skype


  Accredited Practitioner Coach with the International Institute for Coaching and Mentoring



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