Remedial Massage in Hinckley, Leicestershire by Steve Finnemore

Bodywork Massage

Structural Bodywork

What can the Structural Bodywork approach help with?

Examples of the sort of issues that clients come to Steve with are:

  • Shoulder pain and immobility
  • Back strain
  • Post-injury muscle problems.  For example after falls or vehicle collisions - even years later
  • Hip pain and stiffness
  • Stiff muscles that prevent you from doing activities you enjoy
  • Stiff and painful movement written off as age-related
  • Persistent headaches
  • Painful muscle knots


If you recognise any of the problems or feelings listed here then come along for a treatment.



Your Structural Bodywork and myofascial release therapist

Steve is a very experienced and skilled therapist trained in Structural Bodywork, functional movement and advanced myofascial release work. This work includes techniques from remedial massage and trigger point therapy.


With his extensive knowledge of muscle anatomy and deep understanding of the mechanics and physiology of movement, Steve is able to treat you beyond the current symptoms of your problems by getting to the actual cause of the problem.

So have a look at what he offers, and get in touch, we look forward to helping you in the near future.



NOTE: It is important that you have sought medical advice about your pain before receiving any of our therapies for pain management.This is because it is vital that we do not remove pain which could be a warning sign of an undiagnosed medical condition and so delay treatment.

Therefore, we do not offer pain management programmes to anyone suffering pain for which no medical advice has been received.